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Marketing Action Plan
Based on the Small Business Marketing Success System

Course Overview

The first step in developing a marketing system is to understand how to incorporate an effective marketing strategy into an overall plan.

In this first track, you’ll learn the elements of marketing strategy and how to develop a marketing action plan that will guide the organization’s marketing-related projects and growth.

Plans are meant to be alive and dynamic so once you create and begin to implement your plan you’ll revisit many of these steps as your plans evolve.

What You’ll Learn

Once you develop a marketing strategy that is perfect for your business you’ll suddenly discover that:

  • You can attract clients that are ideal for you
  • You can stand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant
  • You can know confidently what to do and what not to do
  • Clients will expect to pay a premium to work with you
  • You can identify the most profitable ways for you to attract new business

Course Outline

Module 1: Identify Your Baseline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to The Marketing Action Plan Course
  • Lesson 2: Conduct an Online Presence Audit
  • Lesson 3: Take the Marketing Assessment
  • Lesson 4: Analyze Google My Business Reviews
  • Lesson 5: Start the Ideal Client Interview Process

Module 2: Differentiate Yourself

  • Lesson 1: Conduct Competitor Research
  • Lesson 2: Develop Ideal Client Personas
  • Lesson 3: Craft 3 Core Message Options
  • Lesson 4: Complete the Brand Audit Process
  • Lesson 5: Start Your Marketing Action Plan

Module 3: Mid-way Coaching Call

  • Lesson 1: Review and Prepare for Coaching Call

Module 4: Content as a Foundation

  • Lesson 1: Audit Current Marketing Channels
  • Lesson 2: Map Out the Marketing Hourglass
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Content
  • Lesson 4: Outline Two Hub Pages
  • Lesson 5: Develop Your Marketing Action Plan

Module 5: Map Out Your Plan

  • Lesson 1: Map Out Your Editorial Approach
  • Lesson 2: Identify Top Growth Priorities
  • Lesson 3: Develop Your Marketing Calendar
  • Lesson 4: Outline Your Budget and Metrics
  • Lesson 5: Finalize Your Marketing Action Plan

Week 6: Final Presentation

  • Lesson 1: Review and Prepare for Final Marketing Action Plan Presentation